Episode 37 – A Pretentious Pixie and Some Cannibals

Episode 37 – A Pretentious Pixie and Some Cannibals
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After defeating The Baba’s Petal Dragon familiar, our adventurers (totally unprompted by DM prodding) decide to come up with a new party moniker, finally landing on The Shortlist to celebrate their stature. After talking with The Baba for a while about payment for their services, they come to an agreement and The Baba introduces The Shortlist to their guide into the Feywild, the Pixie Ostaran Whisperwind. The Pixie leads them out of Ysta south to a field of geysers where the veil between planes is thinnest. Soon after arriving The Shortlist is greeted by a community of Halflings who invite them to a very special dinner where it pays to be short.

Intro music by: Rolemusic “Another beek beep beer please”