Episode 19 – New Bed Fellows

Episode 19 – New Bed Fellows
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Eight weeks have passed since the Big Bed Fellows defeated the Covenbeist and the two hags running the orphanages in the Gid Ward of Ynysta. Max has a new job for the BBF‘s from an old client who heard about their heroics in the city but only two of the four members will take the job. Who will that be and who will take their place to fill out the Fellowship of the Big Bed? Find out as a new adventure begins and leads them to the far north and the mysterious land of the Veranol Dominion.


@jakefriday – Dungeon Master
@ItBeLex – Ashwin the Mousefolk Fighter
@lerichardc – Niolus the Triton Sorcerer
@DRod3 – Proddy the Kenku Warlock
@RyanOMGa Orson the Warlock Pig Farmer

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